Oliver is determined to resist the young artist who walks his dog. But though Oliver excels at controlling everything in his life, the one thing that he can’t master—aside from his dog—is his own heart. 

Corporate lawyer and part-time municipal judge Oliver prefers to keep his life simple and predictable. Then, he acquires Cujo, a stray Chihuahua who is just as vicious as she is tiny. Luckily, Oliver’s dog walker, Blake, is just as competent as he is surly. When Oliver works late or has to travel, Blake is a text away. When Cujo needs a sweater or allergy medicine and growls in that way that promises bloodshed, Blake is there to save the day.

Then one day Oliver looks up from the bench where he’s seated in judge’s robes and finds his quiet, handsome dog-walker standing in front of him in cuffs.

Blake’s life is kind of a mess. He has nothing to show for his art degree except a portfolio reminding him that now, every time he gets in front of a canvas, he gets a splitting headache before he can create anything worthwhile. His dog-walking business isn’t much of a business really—it doesn’t pay the bills. It’s also the only thing he’s done lately that he feels good about. And just when things didn’t seem like they could get more bleak, he’s been busted for marijuana possession.

Sleepwalker is a low-angst romance with an age gap and BDSM (a D/s relationship, consensual heavy impact play, and consensual use of restraints). It is a short novel at approximately 225 pages.

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