twisted beginnings and happy endings

Rachel is a genre-confused writer. She loves romance, fantasy, and science fiction, and when the stars align and she can combine all three, she’s at her happiest. Here are her existing and forthcoming books, with much more to come.


Wild Ones Series

A contemporary western, found-family saga set in the Midwest United States, featuring wild horses, troubled men, and hard-earned happy endings.

Long Winter (Robbie and Lance)
Signs of Spring (Robbie and Lance)
Burning Season (Dylan and Bo, forthcoming, 2021)


A complicated history divides them, but when they find themselves in close quarters while the snow falls, the heat between them builds slowly, and burns hot.

Robbie is preparing for yet another snowfall when he gets the last call he expected—a plea to pick up Lance Taylor from the county jail.

Lance was sixteen and heartbroken when he left his middle-of-nowhere hometown. Six years later, he’s at rock bottom with nowhere else to go, and no one to turn to but Robbie, the older brother of Lance’s childhood best friend, and the man Lance has been inconveniently in love with for most of his life.

When Robbie offers Lance a place to stay, Lance expects a guest bedroom and awkward silences. Instead, he finds himself sharing Robbie’s one-room hayloft apartment and its single bed, while realizing that the old flame he carries for Robbie might not be so hopeless, after all.

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Lance never believed the stars could align for him to have a real chance with Robbie, and even though they’ve spent every day—and night—together for weeks, a part of him still isn’t convinced it’s real. But until the inevitable moment he loses Robbie, Lance intends to savor what they share.

When Lance is dragged back to Chicago and thrown into a legal battle with his ex and former business partner, he’s not sure whether he’s relieved or terrified when Robbie offers to come with him.

Lance’s life in Chicago has been hard for Robbie to picture, but it comes into full focus when he goes into the city with Lance. Robbie loves his family’s Nebraska ranch, but it’s also been his sole responsibility since his father’s sudden death when Robbie was only eighteen. He’s always dreamed of attending college, seeing more of the world, and simply experiencing life outside his rural hometown. The glimpse at what those dreams might look like if they came true is bittersweet. On the one hand, it’s all too easy to picture a future in Lance’s city and at Lance’s side. On the other hand, the price that Robbie would have to pay—losing his family land—feels far too high.

The push and pull between all Robbie wants and values comes to a head when, while still in the midst of unraveling Lance’s problems in Chicago, Robbie is called back to the ranch to face an old threat to his home that’s more dangerous than he realized.

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The year is 1972. Dylan Chase is nineteen, and most days he’s lucky enough to ride a tough bronc, have a beer with his friends, and maybe even sleep under the stars on his family’s third-generation cattle ranch.

Dylan’s life would be perfect if it weren’t for his forbidden itch. An itch he’s only scratched once… with Bo, a hitchhiker he never thought he’d see again. When Bo shows up as the new hire at a neighboring ranch, Dylan is sure his almost-perfect life is about to implode.

After the calves are driven out to the spring pastures, Bo will move on to California. Dylan just has to hold it together until then… if he can.

But Bo can soothe a restless horse with a touch and keeps a battered book of poems in his saddle bag. And the more Dylan learns about him, the more he wants Bo—and the less he wants Bo to go, damn the risk.

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