twisted beginnings and happy endings

Rachel is a genre-confused writer. She loves romance, fantasy, and science fiction, and when the stars align and she can combine all three, she’s at her happiest. Here are her existing and forthcoming books, with much more to come.


Wild Ones Series

A contemporary western, found-family saga set in the Midwest United States, featuring wild horses, troubled men, and hard-earned happy endings.

Long Winter (Robbie and Lance)
Signs of Spring (Robbie and Lance)
Long Lost (Dylan and Bo, forthcoming, 2021)


In Step Series 

A trilogy of short novels featuring age gaps, power imbalances, kink (of varying degree), cute animals and happy endings.

Jaywalking (Jay and Emile)
Sleepwalker (Oliver and Blake)
Cakewalk (Miles and Bria, forthcoming in 2021)


Tales of the Vine 

Sleeping Beauty. In space. (Plus, a romantic polyship subplot.)

Breath of Roses
A Time for Roses (forthcoming in 2021)

A complicated history divides them, but when they find themselves in close quarters while the snow falls, the heat between them builds slowly, and burns hot.

Robbie is preparing for yet another snowfall when he gets the last call he expected—a plea to pick up Lance Taylor from the county jail.

Lance was sixteen and heartbroken when he left his middle-of-nowhere hometown. Six years later, he’s at rock bottom with nowhere else to go, and no one to turn to but Robbie, the older brother of Lance’s childhood best friend, and the man Lance has been inconveniently in love with for most of his life.

When Robbie offers Lance a place to stay, Lance expects a guest bedroom and awkward silences. Instead, he finds himself sharing Robbie’s one-room hayloft apartment and its single bed, while realizing that the old flame he carries for Robbie might not be so hopeless, after all.

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Lance never believed the stars could align for him to have a real chance with Robbie, and even though they’ve spent every day—and night—together for weeks, a part of him still isn’t convinced it’s real. But until the inevitable moment he loses Robbie, Lance intends to savor what they share.

When Lance is dragged back to Chicago and thrown into a legal battle with his ex and former business partner, he’s not sure whether he’s relieved or terrified when Robbie offers to come with him.

Lance’s life in Chicago has been hard for Robbie to picture, but it comes into full focus when he goes into the city with Lance. Robbie loves his family’s Nebraska ranch, but it’s also been his sole responsibility since his father’s sudden death when Robbie was only eighteen. He’s always dreamed of attending college, seeing more of the world, and simply experiencing life outside his rural hometown. The glimpse at what those dreams might look like if they came true is bittersweet. On the one hand, it’s all too easy to picture a future in Lance’s city and at Lance’s side. On the other hand, the price that Robbie would have to pay—losing his family land—feels far too high.

The push and pull between all Robbie wants and values comes to a head when, while still in the midst of unraveling Lance’s problems in Chicago, Robbie is called back to the ranch to face an old threat to his home that’s more dangerous than he realized.

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cover of jaywalking by Rachel Ember

Emile has never been attracted to a student. Not before Jay, a freshman on a soccer scholarship. The same handsome young man Emile almost hooked up with at a bar over the summer, where they barely exchanged names, let alone occupations. Emile can’t screw up his chance at tenure by giving into temptation with a student, even one who radiates the gentle aggression he craves.

Jay feels things around Emile he’s never felt. Is he really going to let a little thing like propriety stand in the way of figuring out why he feels more like himself with Emile than he does anywhere else?

Jaywalking is a MM romance featuring age difference, a younger top, and a professor/student relationship. 

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Corporate lawyer and part-time municipal judge Oliver’s dog is as vicious as she is tiny. Luckily, his dog walker, Blake, is just as competent as he is surly. When Oliver works late or has to travel, Blake is a text away. When Cujo needs a sweater or allergy medicine and growls in that way that promises bloodshed, Blake is there to save the day.

Then one day Oliver looks up from the bench where he’s seated in judge’s robes and finds his quiet, handsome dog-walker standing in front of him in cuffs.

Sleepwalker is a MM romance with an age gap, BDSM, and a judge/defendant relationship.

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Three things matter to Bria: her scholarship, her modeling career, and her anonymous weekly appointments with a man whose face she’s never seen.

When money gets particularly tight, she jumps at a too-good-to-be-true cat-sitting gig at a swanky apartment owned by some tech mogul named Miles.

Despite seeming to have it all, Miles is only truly comfortable in three places: at the office alone with his ideas, at home alone with his cat, or blindfolded in an anonymous hotel room with a woman he knows only as Her.

Cakewalk is a MF romance with an age gap, wealth gap, BDSM and femdom.

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One hundred years ago the Empire of the Red Vine fell, but not before it propelled its last princess into deep space, where she waits in stasis for a worthy king’s son to find her.

Breath of Roses is a standalone short story and a prequel to the Tales of the Vine trilogy.

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Cover of A Time for Roses, by Rachel Ember.

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