College professor Emile can’t shake the memory of Jay, the much younger man he met by chance over the summer. Emile never expected to see Jay again, especially not on the first day of the semester in Emile’s freshman literature class…

Emile has a comfortable life. His long, tumultuous relationship with a senior faculty member came to a messy end months ago, but he has a tenure-track position, good friends, and an excellent dog. He’s hardly going to risk all of that by giving into temptation with a student. Not even one who radiates that rare brand of gentle aggression that Emile has always craved.

Jay grew up as one of a handful of queer kids in a small town. His experience with men is basically nonexistent, but he’s sure nothing could have prepared him for the way Emile makes him feel. Even though Emile makes it clear that nothing can happen between them, Jay can’t bring himself to take no for an answer…and he’s a little worried about what that says about him.

Jaywalking is a MM romance with age difference and a professor/student relationship. This stand-alone short read is approximately 115 pages and has a happy ending.

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